Adding a Second My Cloud drive?

I purchased a second My Cloud drive and have it connected. I followed all the same steps I did with my first one (and as listed in the instructions). The drive’s light is now steady and I am ready to activate it. As instructed I go to but when I do it logs me in to view my existing drive. I can find no place to enter my key to locate it. I am also unable to find this option through my WD Discovery app. How do I go about activating or locating a second drive?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What second My Cloud drive do you own?

@DOUGLAS_REESE As to right now, My Cloud Home multi-device is not supported. You’ll need a second email address to setup the 2nd My Cloud Home.

MCH #1 =
MCH #2 =

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and hope to have multi-device support included in a future firmware release. Unfortualty, we’re not able to provide a feature release date.

Can you confirm that this serious issues WILL be addressed though?
WD can’t be ok with not allowing customers to spend money on a 2nd device - unable to add it.
As 2nd account isn’t an acceptable solution. That’s the antithesis of ‘home’ being simple and straight forward.

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