How activate a second My Cloud Home unit on an account?

I got a 2nd My Cloud Home unit and would like to activate it on an existing account. (There’s already one on that account) Does anybody know how to do that? None of the screens seem to give me an “Add” option.

Hi bobjacobsen,

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Hi, I’d like to connect a second unit too, please advise on how this can be done

Please can you share how to connect a second drive to an existing account? There are no obvious solutions in the manuals or community.

Due to Security reasons, My Cloud Home doesn’t allow to register another My Cloud Home device with same email account details. You must use another email account to register second My Cloud Home device.

This is madness!! No usb backup, and can’t have 2 drives on same account - can you NOT see how ridiculous this is??! How am I supposed to transfer from one home to my new home duo!!