2 my cloud devices

So I recently purchased a My Cloud home. I didn’t realize I was sent a smaller storage than I had ordered until I had already been using it. I’m sending the smaller one back, and now have the new one. My question is how do I move over everything on the 1st one to the new one? Without having to create another account? Is that even possible? I was hoping it would recognize both and it would be an easy move. Maybe it is, I just can’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!

@TNRoseBud As of today, My Cloud Home doesn’t support multiple devices per email account.

My Cloud Home #1 = emailA@domain.com
My Cloud Home #2 = emailB@domain.com

I have now deleted and did a factory reset on the one I am returning. When I hooked the one I am keeping up, the light on the front is solid, but I can’t seem to find it on my Mac. On the moble app, it now recognizes the new device, but still can’t properly set the new device up.

Wow. That is insane. So the design basically rules out ever adding a 2nd My Cloud Home to your account - AND also make it impossible for you SWITCH devices?

I BTW did the same - just purchased a 12TB version (to replace a 6). That’s clearly getting returned. Very poor, WD :frowning:

Two My Cloud Home are supported with different email addresses at this time.

Thank you, and understood. But I hope you agree that’s merely a band-aid. You can’t make a ‘simple to use’ product like the home one that needs something as ineffective as using different email addresses (and logons, setups). That’s the antithesis of it being simple.
Even if I wanted to REPLACE the one device, I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Can you share if WD is planning to address this? Is the intention for users (using a single account) to never be able to purchase and utilize 2 cloud home devices at once?