Adding A Second My Cloud Home

Hi There. I have had a 4TB My Cloud Home drive for about a year and have just purchased a second to add to my network. When I try to add it, the address just takes me to my current drive and does not start to search for the new one. Has anybody managed to add a second drive, as WD say it is possible. Many thanks, Rob

My Cloud Home doesn’t support multiple devices.

You can have multiple My Cloud Home devices on your network. I have a 3 TB My Cloud Home, an 8 TB My Cloud Home , and a 12 TB My Cloud Duo on my home network.

You cannot use the same account for each My Cloud Home device, which is a pain. Each My Cloud Home device requires a separate account.

Also, you can only log into the private area of one My Cloud device (assigned as Z: drive) at at time, which is also a pain. However, you can access the public area of all My Cloud Home devices at the same time.

If you are using them for Plex, you can have a single Plex account to manage the Plex Service on each device, which is very convenient.

Hi rwbii,

I see this is an old thread but I have the same issue with wanting to add a second WD MyCloud Home Device to my network.

I assume the multi device functionality never materialised?

However, I only use it for Plex and noted your comment that it IS possible to use the same account to access both devices?

Any help much appreciated. Have already ordered device number 2 and now concerned it won’t be fit for purpose?

NB: My data is currently stored on the first WD MyCloud Home device but I don’t use the Plex feature on the device as such, I access it via a laptop.

Many thanks


I know have 4 MyClouds all running plex server on each of them. You have to use a different email address for each MyCloud to register and log into them and can only log onto one at a time on your pc. They do work seamlessly from the plex app. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thsnk you

Great, thanks for the swift reply.

Are you using the Plex app on each WDMCH device or via a Plex Media Server app on a laptop?

If only using the laptop one I assume you just point it to each different device to link the content to the correct folders in Plex?

If that makes any sense!?!


I use the plex app on each of the hdds, and then run the plex front end on my nvidea shield. It sees each of the 4 drives as individual servers.

So am I right in thinking if I simply set the second device up as a separate server I will only be able to manage the data on one server at a time (as I would need to log in using the WD app on my PC)?

If so, would Plex still be able to access both servers at once, even though I wasn’t actually logged in to one of them?

I’ve also looked into the NVIDIA Shield Pro as an option for front end but I would still need to manage content via my PC? I also saw a tutorial saying that you have to have a drive connected to the NVIDEA Pro to store the metadata that Plex uses and that this needs to be connected all the time so couldn’t be accessed via the WD Cloud Home device on the network?

Sorry for all the questions!

Hi there

Yes, you can only manage one server at a time via the WD Discovery app on your PC, hence each WD Mybook needing a unique email address. I have 4 drives which I have named Squeezebox Server, 4K UHD Movies 01, 4K UHD Movies 02 and 4K UHD TV Series all having their own email address to log into when adding content via my PC.

When I log into Plex either via the app on my Nvidea Shield or from on a web browser, all 4 servers are presented in the left hand pane - see attached pic.

Hope this helps.


Ok, so my 2nd device is set up and running and I can switch between them using the WD MyCloud desktop app.


Plex will only see the device which is currently logged into and all files on the other device show as ‘unavailable’.

I think this might be to do with configuring the plex app on each WD Cloud as when I click on configure it just opens up a blank page with lots of random nubers and letters in the address bar. It doesn’t move on from there and I don’t actually get to ‘configure’ anything.

Does that sound like it could be the missing step?

When I open the Plex desktop app I don’t see any server info as per your screenshot, just ‘Movies’, ‘TV Shows’ etc which are the Libraries (I think?)

Thanks so much for your help!!

I think it’s definitely because it doesn’t think the PC and the device are on the same network. Problem is I don’t know how to check.

It seems to be at step 4 that it’s failing although I don’t get the connection timed out message, just nothing happens.

Can anybody help with this please?

I’ve scoured all forums on Plex and WD but can’t find a solution.

The problem seems to be that I can’t configure the Plex app in WD Cloud Home devices so that they show as servers in my Plex desktop interface.

Getting desperate now!

Thanks so much

Hi There

Have you added any media to your new server, as I don’t think it appears until it has content?

Thank you

I added a movie to the ‘Shared Movies’ folder in Plex as a test before adding lots and the movie showed up once I had pointed the Plex Library to it but no sign of any server being added to Plex interface like yours.

I only have this:

Did the ‘Configure’ process work for you each time? You must have been logging into your existing Plex account rather than creating a new one so I don’t think it can be that.

If you click More, both of your servers should appear. You can then pin the libraries and move them to the top as is mine.

I tried that but it only gives me the following:

I’m pretty sure that’s not my servers or any of my content?

Also, I saw on another thread that since you created your original thread WD may have added in the functionality to link more than one drive?

On mine I have an option to ‘Add another storage’ which, when I click on it, finds my other WD device. I haven’t gone any further for fear of losing data but wondred if you were aware of this development?