Adding A Second My Cloud Home


Hi There. I have had a 4TB My Cloud Home drive for about a year and have just purchased a second to add to my network. When I try to add it, the address just takes me to my current drive and does not start to search for the new one. Has anybody managed to add a second drive, as WD say it is possible. Many thanks, Rob


My Cloud Home doesn’t support multiple devices.


You can have multiple My Cloud Home devices on your network. I have a 3 TB My Cloud Home, an 8 TB My Cloud Home , and a 12 TB My Cloud Duo on my home network.

You cannot use the same account for each My Cloud Home device, which is a pain. Each My Cloud Home device requires a separate account.

Also, you can only log into the private area of one My Cloud device (assigned as Z: drive) at at time, which is also a pain. However, you can access the public area of all My Cloud Home devices at the same time.

If you are using them for Plex, you can have a single Plex account to manage the Plex Service on each device, which is very convenient.