Multiple MyCloud Home in one account

Multiple MyCloud Home in one account. I am a MyCloud Home junkie :blush: and I have 2 of them. I would buy even more if I could use all of them in one account.


This isn’t possible as of now. Lets hope WD will change this in the future.


Let’s hope :slight_smile:
I think it is not complicated to build that into the apps. All WD My Cloud Home have a unique ID number.


Waiting dramatically for this feature. It’s really a pain to be obliged to change my account each time I’m switching from one of my drives to the other.


I agree, I have two, and I want to have them under one account


I just had to quickly cancel my order for a second one because you can not add it to a existing account. This is ridiculous!


This feature is a must have! I was frankly astonished when I realised I can’t connect multiple drives to a single account.

I just bought a second MY CLOUD HOME device and spent the last hour and half trying to figure out how to add it to the existing account. Just now found this thread and I’m really disappointed that I cannot connect the two devices at the same time. Hoping I can take this second device back now.

I vote add the capability to have two my cloud homes on the same account as there is no expansion capability

GRRRRRRRR!!! I am mad…
We cannot “easily” be connected on two “MyCloud Home” at the same time?
It was not written we can’t in the PDF. :frowning:
We paid 800$ for two and we’ll need to access them with alternance and re-login each time?
I switched from other NAS to these ones thinking it would be simpler. Higher price but at least trouble free and with the experience of WD… But now I found ridiculous to log off/log on each time we want to access one or the other… How do I compare folders?
I am surprise. I am really surprise from you guys.

Looks like multiple homes on a single account is coming, I can see it in the beta iOS app…