Accessing 2 MyCloud Devices from MyCloud Acct

I have 2 MyCloud storage devices connected to my network. However, when I login to my MyCloud account, only one of the devices is accessible. When I click on the “gear” icon, a dialogue box appears, but it only has 1 of the devices listed.

If I open the WD MyCould app on my MacBook Pro, I can get to both drives, however. So, they are both operational.

Did you register the 2nd one to the My Cloud service? It won’t auto-discover it the same way the apps do on the local network…

Yes I registered both devices. Interestingly, after messing around with various items, I can now access both from “”. But when I go to “wdmycloud.local” I can only access the original / 1st device. How do I access and manage the 2nd one?


You have to give each My Cloud a unique name. For example wdmycloud1 and wdmycloud2. Then you would access each My Cloud via: