Multiple My Cloud Home devices (Mac)

I have a My Cloud Home and a My Cloud Duo. I do understand that two devices require two different email addresses. But how can I have both mounted in my Mac (High Sierra)? WD Discovery will only show one of the two devices at a time due to the two separate emails. Because of that, only one shows on my desktop.

Is the second one still available via the cloud despite not showing as mounted on my desktop?

Both drives do show as My Cloud devices under Shared in the sidebar. I just can’t get both to show as mounted under Favorites (I guess WD Discovery is what puts it there, and since WD Discovery is only allowing me to log in to one at a time, that is why I can only get one under Favorites).

And I can’t sign in to either under Shared because nothing I enter as user or password works for that … if I could do that, I could figure out how to add from Shared to my Favorites.

I have the most current versions of all softwares, and sharing is set up properly, though WD Drive Utilities and WD Security just do not work … do not see either of the two My Cloud devices.

Hi summerhaunt,

Yes, you can login through in order to access the data stored into your second My Cloud Home drive without logging in through WD Discovery on that particular My Cloud Home which is not signed in through WD Discovery.

For your query about adding the data from the first My Cloud Home Public User Space which is under “Shared” to the second My Cloud Home Personal User Space under “Favorites” which is logged in through WD Discovery. Please know that you can transfer the data from the first My Cloud Home to second My Cloud Home. In Such scenario, you are going to transfer the data from the public user space (common for all users of the device) which is under “Shared” to the Personal user Space(can be accessed when logging in through, WD Mobile app and WD Discovery by particular user only) which is showing under “Favorites” and vice-versa.