My Cloud Dashboard only shows 1 of my 2 My Cloud drives

I have two 4TB My Cloud drives and both are setup for remote access. However when I login to my dashboard, only one of the drives shows up. Any suggestions? Thanks.

@Djscoe Did you set up each one using a different e-mail address and password? I have two and each has it’s own Dashboard. What is the IP address for each?

Are you looking at a Dashboard for one of them or signing in to .

You do have each one plugged into a different ethernet port on your router?

My two My Clouds.

What are you accessing? the web portal for remote access? Or http://wdmycloud (or wdmycloud.local) for the My Cloud Dashboard?

The web portal IS NOT the My Cloud Dashboard.

If you are accessing the web portal and are not seeing both My Cloud units listed, then you will need to access the My Cloud Dashboard and ensure remote access/cloud access is enabled on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings page. It also helps to give each My Cloud a unique name to avoid confusion over which My Cloud is which.