Double Drives showing

Hi for some reason when i go into my network I have 2 cloud drives showing both with the same name My Cloud But i only have the one How do i fix this

Have you changed the IP address, even accidentially? Two devices showing up is only possible if one of them has an outdated IP address - this can be resolved by rebooting your PC once, because it is cached in the PC.

Assuming when you say ‘go into your network’, you’re referring to a file manager of some description, e.g. File Explorer, or Finder, then there are commonly three places where MyCloud will appear:

  • the UI (Dashboard)
  • the file server
  • the media server

Opening each of these will give very different behaviours.

If you mean something else, then a picture may help us understand what you mean, or some further explanation of what you mean by ‘go into your network’; using what tool? What OS? etc.

How are you viewing your network where you see the two My Cloud entries? Windows File Explorer? Mac Finder?

If using Windows File Explorer it is normal to see several My Cloud entries as the following screen capture shows. As cpt_paranoia indicated these entries will show the file server, media server and possibly the Dashboard.

Forgot to say It when i log in via my mobile phone It shows WD Mycloud and WD Mycloud 1 Seems to be only the WD Mycloud one that i can access Thanks