MyCloud shows on network twice

When I search the network in a file browser I see two copies of the system - one lower case and one CAPS. Selecting one says the machine name, while the upper says “Windows shares on machinename”.

I checked on a Windows machine I haven’t wiped yet, and the CAPS shows as a drive with shared folders, while the other is listed as a media device (MP3 icon) and opens IE to the twonky server when selected.

My problem is that when viewing movies to stream (VLC) each file is listed twice. The first plays the movie, while the second plays whatever is listed next.

Has anyone seen this behavior? Any ideas on a correction?

On the latest firmware(WDMyCloud v04.01.04-422 : Core F/W), been happening since the start I think.


Each icon for MyCloud you see on the network section is for different purpose, the one you see on computers lets you access the shares, while the icon under media devices shows the media server portion of the device. This is normal on windows OS.

Thanks. That second paragraph was me realizing out loud why there are two devices listed (when I select either on my normal machines it mounts the share folders, and this would be the first time I’ve ran a Windows box at home in seven years).

My issue is the wonky Twonky. Do you think it’s an issue with VLC or the MyCloud that everything lists twice?