WD MyCloud shows twice in Macos Finder

I performed a factory reset on WD MyCloud with an attached NAS HDD (WD MyBook Essential). In macos Finder MyCloud (with my unique name) shows up twice. Once by itself under Locations (which is where I would expect it since it is an attached drive) but also again under Network. I have a separate attached HDD which also shows under Network, which is where I would expect that to be. But should the MyCloud show up both places? If I click on the second MyCloud, the first one disconnects and is replaced by the second. If this is not correct how do I get rid of the second instance?

I have an iMac running Mojave 10.14.4 and my MyCloud NAS appears in both places as well. This seems normal. We have another Mac in the house with File Sharing turned on and that Mac’s icon appears in both places also.