Connecting two identical MyCloud Live drives to my Windows 7 network

I recently added a second 4tb MyCloud Live to my network. All was OK to start with, but now I am finding that remote access is very flaky. Coupled with this, WD quick view shows two drives - both labelled MyCloud2 (the new one) and also showing the same used percentage. Coupled with that is the disappearance from remote access of both drives. I checked the drives again earlier, and it appears that the ip addresses seem to be changing themselves. Would I be right in thinking that I need to change configuration to static ip address on both drives, or is it something more complicated? I can find no relevant instructions on how to set up two identical drives on the same network. Otherwise, both drives do behave perfectly - it’s only when Windows re-boots itself that the problem appears. I then get a text message from my sister to tell me she cannot access either one or both of them.

I have two 3tb MyCloud seen separately no problem.
Suggest you go into the UI/Settings and in Device Profile change the name and description , I simply call mine
My Cloud and My Cloud Plus they then show separately.
I have these two connected to the same router no problem so is it a router problem?

The easy way to fix the ip addresses from changing, is to go into the router and use DHCP reservations. This will make the router give the same IP addresses to the My Cloud based on the mac addresses of the My Cloud.


I have changed the router settings to use DHCP reservations. However, the remote access problem is still there - one of the remote users can access either one or neither of the drives (which I have named as WDMyCloud (original drive) and WDMyCloud2. While I can access both drives directly through the network (using Firefox), WD Smartware seems to get confused. This morning I found the computer had shut down, and on restarting WD Smartware (Quick View) showed two drives labelled correctly, but both showing just 8% used (MyCloud is 59% used). This also causes error messages when I try to go into Dashboard. Not only that, but I see that having checked several times, the usages are correct and a few moments later wrong again.