User access issues

Not wanting to start off on a negative note, but I cannot believe how unintuitive and difficult the WD MyCloud software is. Half the users I try to add to the drive do not receive their emails and those that do cannot access the drive properly.

It first came to my attention that the drive is open to all who access the network and not just registered users. That was an unwelcomed surprise. You would not expect this to be the default but then I thought at least it would be simple to change - it was not. I had to change all individual folders and make sure each registered user could access them.

Having done this, the registered users (other than myself as admin) can no longer access the folders on the local network, despite clearly having read/write access on the configuration page. They can, however, access the folders when logged in via the MyCloud website.

I have added a password for one user to access the drive locally (apparently these passwords are different to the MyCloud account - again, I am not sure why). However, they can only access the folders available to ‘guests’, which I made public. I have rebooted the device but still there is no change.

Any guidance would be appreciated. And to those who might want to argue in the comments that this software is straightforward, it really is not and should be far more simple.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, any suggestions for this? My other users can only access the local server if the shares are made public, which is a security risk.