Some questions from a newbie, your advice welcome

Just got the My Cloud and having several challenges

  1. Mycloud login, what do I need it for? I remember creating one when I first setup but the account I created is inaccessible and even trying to reset the password does not work. I cannot find any options to try and create another cloud.

  2. Explorer access, it was wrking fine, now it requires a password to access even my public shares. Not sure what I did to cause this but I see a bunch of other post here with no real resolution on this matter. I would like to access the cloud drive via windows explorer like I was able to in the first day. Not sure what happened overnight.

Update. I was able to create a mycloud login. I had to use an alternate email address because the gmail address I tried to use never “took” or allowed me to create an account with it. I received the “email addres cannot change” error. Still unsure as to why.
Now I am able to login into the website remotely.

Update 2,
While I cannot access my drive via the network link in explorer (still asking for non existent password), useing the WD access app from the system tray brings me to the device in explorer under an ip address. I cannot access private shares (password) but the public shares are available. How do I use the network link to my cloud drive? Can I update it?

What device are you trying to access it with? PC? MAC? android?

Are you accessing locally or remotely?

Have you read about mapping the drive into your computer’s file system? See p23 of the user manual.

To access the private shares, you will have to give your mycloud username and password. For windows, you will need to ensure that all drive mapping use these same credentials.

Have you read about creating users, shares and access control in the user manual?

Trying to access it via PC and Android locally.
I have resolved most of my problems after looking at the manual and restarting the cloud. Thanks.