Unable to get MyCloud via Explorer

Hi Guys:

Hope can you help me, I just get my cloud. Its very nice, but I am unable to get information using windows explorer.

To consider, I am in my own network, when i was on explorer i went to NETWORKS. My device is over there name MYCLOUD i go inside, I can see in network all my folders.

When i try to get in there, a pop up message ask for user and password. I try the device one, cloud and mobile one, not work. I always get ACCESS DENIDED.

For me is more simple used EXPLORER to organice my stuff. Can you help?



Is the following what you are seeing pop up?

If it is you need to enter your network User Name and Password.

Thats right dude!!! It ask me for network credential. I already tried

  1. Change public network to private
  2. Take a look to user account and see web and windows credentials.
  3. try to change the option in windows to dont ask for crendtials

But not really update in NETWORK things

only can get access to Public :frowning:

Sorry it does not work for you, I just bought and connected a new router a couple of weeks back and when I first tried to open up my, My Cloud I had to enter my Network User Name and Password. My, My Cloud opened without any problems and since then I do not have to enter anything.

Sure, but what is my user name and password? I tried many different.

  1. windows user and password
  2. mycloud user and password
  3. outlook user and password

How can i know which is my correct user name and password?

@GUSTAVO_HERNANDEZ Your Network UN and PW are what you gave to your home network. See example image of mine below. As you see I have two, one for the 2.4 GHz and one for the 5 GHz.

Access denided. It doesnt work


Not access to \mycloud(folder). Probably you have not permission to use this network resoruce. Put in contact with service administrator to chek if you have permissions.

Multiple conections to onse server or share resource, using more than one username, are not allow. Disconnect all conections before the server and try again