Use other AC power adaptor to charge WD Pro HD

I was wondering if I could charge my wireless HD using for example my phone AC power adaptor or an universal plug with usb port in it without ruining my WD Pro HD …what do you think about it? I’m asking 'cause it would be easier to travel with just one AC adapter than multiple ones. Thanks


Not sure if that will work as I don’t know if the power that provides the AC Power adapter for your phone is the same as what the passport uses.

Check the information for both adapters and make sure that they have the same specifications.

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It appears you do not know much about power adapters, so good thing you asked. Any power adapter you plug to any device must match the specs of the original, meaning having the same output voltage and amp rating of the original power supply. The iPhone PS does not match the MPW, so NO.

I travel with an Anker power supply that puts out 5V DC and up to 2.1 amps, and it matches my iPhone, iPad, Kindle tablet, and MPW. Most all the current mobile gadgets require 5vDC (but you still need to check to be sure that is what you need for a device). It is the amperage that is also important. The Anker’s 2 amp output is needed for larger mobile devices, and it is smart enough to detect an iPhone needs less so it delivers less. Just check the Anker site for their latest “smart” chargers and they refer you to Amazon to purchase the one you want.

Important too, is use the original charging cable to connect the Anker and your device, because plugs must match exactly.

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Hi Mike, you are completely right, I know squat about power adapters, but it appears to me that the manufacturer don’t want me to 'cause here there are the output of my different adapter:

Nexus 4 adapter: 5.0V - 1.5A
Power USB HUB by Allocacoc: 4xUSB DC 5V - 2.1A
WD Passport HD: 5.1V - 2.4A
Ipad Pro 29W: 14.5V - 2.0A or 5.2V - 2.4A

I just copied what is written on each power adapter, could you please help me to understand more? for exemple, the power USB HUB by Allocacoc was intended to be universal, at least talking about phones, but the output specifications are different from the one on my Nexus Power adaptor, instead the WD Passport Adapter and the Ipad pro 29W could look kind of similar, don’t they? I’m really confused…

Thanks for the spec data.

OK, you also need to look at, and check, the input requirements of the actual device,because they often do not match power supply exactly, but they are real close. A power supply often delivers more amps that the device require for a bit more headroom.

For example, my 1st gen MPW power supply is rated at 5V (volts) and 2A (amps) whereas the actual MPW (according to label on back) has a rating (i,e, input requirement) of 5V and 0.9A Since the power supply has a higher rating of Amps, it has headroom and will run cooler since it only has to deliver 0.9 A and not 2A) This is good, and most power supplies are usually rated higher (in Amps) than the device it powers so as not to push it to its limits, thus preventing overheating.

Speaking of power ,which is measured in watts (W) it is a mathematical relationship of voltage (electrical pressure) times amperage (electric current) so the power formula for DC electricity is: P= V x A. Example from your iPad specs:
14,5V x 2A= 29W. It is the volts and amps that are important here to compare.

And no, your MPW and iPad power supplies are NOT similar ; take a look at voltage specs. Not sure why there is a double rating. This must be for a newer iPad, because my gen3 iPad is rated at 5v, 2.1 A. Just guessing that the higher rating for your iPad P/S has to do with some sort of quick charge mode for iPad because that results in more power (my 5V x 2.1A iPad P/S results in 10.5 W., and is more inline with your second rating. Do you know if your iPad has a quick-charge and regular charge mode?

I see that Anker has a quick/fast charger now. I am not sure this is the one you need to buy. so you can check this Anker link and explore USB Chargers section. Write back with question before you buy.

You also want to make sure that whatever power adapter you use, it will supply the minimum requirements for amps. The voltages must match exactly, and the amps must supply minimally what the device requires.

For example, if your device requires 5V and 2A to run, then make sure you use an adapter that’s at least 5V and 2A. It probably won’t power up the device otherwise. However, if your device requires 5V and 2A, minimum, then you can use an adapter that’s 5V and 3A, and be fine. But remember Volts must always match or you may damage the device.

Yep, although 5V and 5.1V and 2A and 2.1A are “exact enough” .

I use an Anker 40W 5-port charger to charge my iPad, iPhone, Kindle tablet, WD MPW and battery banks at home and when traveling. Often all at same time. These kinds of chargers are essential for anyone with all these gadgets. Just remember to have/bring the right device power cables with you.

Hey, if it works for you… :stuck_out_tongue: But Mike’s right. Slightly.