Charging the My Passport Wireless Pro

Using the supplied USB charging cable, can I use anything besides a computer to charge the My Passport Wireless Pro? For example, many small devices include an AC charger with a removable USB cable. Can I put the WD USB charging cable into an AC charger and safely charge the My Passport Wireless Pro?

The device should be charged with the charger and cable that came with it. PCs often do not have the 2A needed,

The only exception would be if you have a “smart” charger that detects the gadget’s current requirements and puts out 5V with 2 Amps of current, Like an Anker smart charger and you use the original USB3 charger cable.

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Thanks mike27oct. Your reference to “…the charger that came with it” uncovered the problem. Mine was delivered without a charger. Thanks for the very important clue.

OK, good luck retrieving it, You may just want to order one and new cable from WD, or if you have an iPad charger, and want to use the USB3 cable you have (if you trust it is the correct one) charge it from the iPad charger. You need a 5V, 2A charger.

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Very helpful, mike27oct. I appreciate you offering more advice. I do have an iPad charger. It’s good to know I have options. I bought the WD from Amazon. They are exchanging.

Strange that you bought a new unit, and the charger was missing.

FYI there is a complete online manual at WD Support you should download. Just look for your model MPW at the support site at

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You’re a wise man. Amazon said it was cosmetically damaged plus the box was damaged. The damage amounted to a $40 discount. I bought the 3 TB for $138. They were right although the cosmetic damage to the device was acceptable. They didn’t identify the USB charger as missing.

Guess you learned your lesson; which is NEVER buy anything but new unless you know exactly what you are getting, including ALL the parts. I have seen this happen a few times to folks
Amazon does not check their returns well at all; no one really does!

You should buy a new unit or nothing at all. Any return item could have been dropped, and these things have a fragile hard drive in them.

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