Travel Charging

I am traveling with iPad and My Passport wireless.  Can I use my iPad charger transformer to charge the Passport?

I don’t have my MPW charger here to check, but I believe that the original MPW charger is a 5.1 Volt 10.2 Watt unit. See this page.

Therefore, if your iPad charger can provide 5.1V and 2Amp, it can be used to charge your MPW.

However, as you have the two devices that you want to charge, and obviously you don’t want to carry two chargers, I recommend that you buy a good quality USB charger that can charge both devices at once. There are plenty of good USB chargers available these days.

I have a four outlet Powertech Plus unit myself. It has two circuits, one of which provides two USB ports with a maximum of 2.1Amps total, and the other provides two USB ports with a maximum of 2.4Amps total. It is listed as a 4.5Amp charger.So it can charge the MPW plus a recent model iPad easily.

Just be very careful in buying a USB charger, and check the power output by USB port, or set of ports, to make sure it meets your needs. Many such chargers on eBay claim to be 2.1Amp units, but that is the total ouput over four, six, or more ports, not for each port.

Also, there is some logic in carrying two chargers capable of charging your devices, as if one fails or is lost, the other can be used. It really depends on space and weight restrictions while you travel, and whether a lost or broken charger could be replaced wherever you are going.