Wireless Passport

Can a Wireless Passport HD be charged by the USB cable being connected to a computer or only by the plug in the wall charger?



It can only be charged with the wall charger.

Actually it can be charged from a PC USB port.

Read this thread: http://community.wd.com/t5/My-Passport-Wireless/System-reset-vs-Data-protection/td-p/845061

Yes and no.  My experience is that the MPW will not charge well while plugged into a computer.  So if you want to quickly charge the battery or top off it past about 90%, use a dedicated 2.1 amp charger.

I have definitely charged MPW with the USB3 port on my desktop to 100%.

It was overnight, so may take longer.

How about recharging from power pack? I have a Mophie power pack will this charge MY Passport wifi?

I would expect that to work. A power pack is just another DC power source.

If it can charge an iPad, then definitely. If it can only charge low power devices, then maybe it would be slow, or not able to fully charge the MPW. It would be pretty unlikely that it couldn’t charge the MPW at all.

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Yes, one needs a power pack that has a lot of juice, say one over 10,000 mah or better, and can also charge the iPad.

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