How to hook up multiple wd 2.5 passport hdd to USB 3.0 hub for simultaneous use?

i’m trying to backup a passport hdd to another passport hdd. but the USB 3.0 hub that i have which is charge supported doesn’t seem to power up both hdd’s at the same time. any ideas how? the hub i think has charge support for 1amp, 5vDC.

That’s not enough

1x USB3.0 Port requires 900mA 5V

Buy a Powered USB Hub that comes with an AC Adaptor.

but the one i have does have a DC5V jack built into it. if i just get a DC5V 1A power adapter will both hdd power up and work? only one hdd will work right now if i plug it in not both without the power adapter

If both passports are rated at say, 400 mA, you need to supply at least 800 mA in order to power both of them at the same time. If your hub is self powered from the USB port of your device, you’re probably getting a max of 500 mA, minus some to power the hub itself. Yes, a power adapter will help, but it may not combine with the amperage of what the USB of your device provides. I would look for at least a 1500 mA power adapter or at minimum, 2000 mA to ensure there are no power related issues and to provide enough power to other devices as well that you might attach to the hub as well. The biggest problem is trying to obtain an adapter with the right sized barrel connector and polarity, at which buying a new hub with an included power adapter would probably be a better option.

i’m using wd’s 2.5 “my passport” hdd. how much current do each of these draw?