USB drive shows as empty, mycloud shows as full


I’ve added a 2TB WD USB drive to provide more storage. I’ve organised what I need to store to be about equal on both the cloud drive and the additional so they should both show as having just under 1Gb each that has been used. However, what is showing in the WD mycloud interface is that the internal drive is nearly full and the 2Tb USB drive is completely empty. I’ve mapped the mycloud drive, and it shows as nearly full in Windows Explorer. Looking at the content and where it’s located using Windows Explorer, the files are in the right places so it should be showing approx 1Tb of free space on both drives.

Any ideas please?

The My Cloud has multiple shares in whatever way you’ve set them up.

Any External USB-attached HD is a completely separate share.

So you’re saying that, even though you copied files to the share for the USB drive, that the files actually went to the My Cloud’s “internal” shares?

I can’t imagine how that’d be possible.

We need more information.  What are the share names?  What is the output of a df command on the My Cloud.

An example of how this could happen is if the usb device is not mounted on mount point that you think it is mount.

Let say that you wanted to mount the usb on /nfs/usb.  If the device is not mounted.  Then when you copy information

to /nfs/usb it will be written to the My Cloud at /nfs/usb.


Thanks for the replies. Seems like I was copying to the internal mycloud drive and not the USB drive. However, there is still a problem. 

The drive created a share called Ext_HDD_1021 and I;ve set that in the mycloud user screen to allow public access. I can copy and paste files to it using windows explorer, but I get access denied errors when using a Microsoft utility called SyncToy. I use this as I can run it when things change, it will copy across the network easily and I like it. I’m guessing somewhere along the lines it’s permissions?

I sort of know a little about command line and I am familiar with using SSH on a Raspberry Pi. Can someone give me some guidance in checking permissions to write as the user interface doesn’t seem to be a lot of use.


on windows, it doesn’t matter what you’re using to access the drive (explorer or synctoy) … it should let you access it the same way.