Problems Using USB Attached Drive Mac

I have been using a MyCloud as a third level of backup successfully and using ChronoSync to do the regular backups. I had to enlarge my storage for pictures and bought a WD MyBook to attach to the USB port. I can access the drive and I have created a share with the correct permissions (I think) but after seemingly starting to work it now throws up permissions errors and I am unable to copy to the drive - sub-folders fail. Also the Server keeps shutting down. It seems hopeless and I’m ready to chuck the MyCloud away. I’ve searched the forum but there is no clear answer although it does seem to be tat you can only copy to shares created in the MyCloud dashboard. Fair enough but how do you created shareable sub-folders?

@BrianHomer Have you looked at the User Manual , Chapter 12, Connecting a USB Hard Drive?

What is the exact error message that is being displayed? Can you post a screen shot of it?

Also check the USB drive itself to ensure it is properly formatted for a format that the My Cloud supports.

Yes but it doesn’t cover things in enough detail sadly.

I think the drive is as shipped or HFS - I did wonder if there was a problem with formatting so will try connecting direct to Mac and checking. Thanks.

The mycloud units license the buyware Paragon driver for NTFS and HFS+ support. As such, for detailed questions you should refer to the appropriate vendor literature.

The version in the mycloud is older than that though-- However the general status of what can and cannot be handled should be readily discernable from a quick read.

It is important to note that while they licensed the driver, they did not license the utilities (or at least, did not bake them in.) As such, you cannot really check an NTFS or HFS+ volume on the mycloud over ssh. You have to do that with real windows or a real Mac, with the USB drive directly connected over USB.