Can't copy files and folders to MyCloud

For some reason when I try and copy folders and files to MyCloud device I only get the folders. I don’t get the content within the folders. I am sure there is a seeting somewhere I am missing. Any help ideas appreciated. [Deleted]

How are you attempting to copy the files? Are you using a Windows PC or a Mac PC? Local or remote access to the My Cloud. Have you read the My Cloud User Manual ( that explains how to access the My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

I am using a mac. Trying to use Mac Finder It tells me 84 days to copy! All it copied was the directory structure. What I wanted to do was hook the drive directly to my Macbook Pro through USB and use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone an External drive over to a folder within the Mycloud Drive that I would have access to only. Couldn’t do that either. It wouldn’t show up as available. So was trying to go through ethernet.

Wait, what? You want to connect the My Cloud to your Mac using USB? You can’t. The My Cloud is a network attached storage device (NAS). The My Cloud is NOT like an external USB hard drive. The USB port on the My Cloud is “host” only which means you can connect external USB hard drives TO the My Cloud but not the My Cloud to a computer using USB.

You must use the Ethernet networking port on the My Cloud and connect it to either your network router or direct to your computer. If you haven’t read the My Cloud User Manual ( yet you should since it explains how to setup/configure/use the My Cloud unit.

To achieve the fastest copy speeds its best to connect the computer to the same router/switch using Ethernet wire that the My Cloud is connected too. And its best to use a Gigabit router or switch as well. There is always speed issues when copying through WiFi or if not using Gigabit networking.

I understand that. I will try and hook the computer up through the router and see what happens. If I wanted do this through something like FileZilla what would I use for host and password? Could I do that using sftp?

Locally? Why would you want to use FileZilla locally?

Not necessarily just thinking out loud, but was just curious if I could. Need something quicker than “84 days” I use FileZilla with my Web Server and seems to copy quick.

Generally the best way to access the My Cloud across the local network is using Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer. Even better is to “map” the My Cloud to your local computer to make accessing it easier.

If you are having “speed” problems then check your local Macintosh network configuration and check the local network setup/settings. Make sure to use Gigabit where ever possible and don’t use WiFi if possible. If using SMB on the Mac to access the My Cloud, try AFP. Or if using AFP try SMB. Examples:

I know being Network+ certified I should know better than use WIFi. I was trying to do it quickly and don’t have all the cat5 ran yet. I am going to run some cat5 for my Linux Pen testing box and this MacBook Pro that I use for Graphic Design. My first foray using a Mycloud.

If Network+ certified (whatever that is…), you ought to know to be using cat5e for GBE…

network+ is a Comptia certification that is considered to be network neutral. Yes I have run more than my share of cat5 and used Cisco, Routers and switches, access points. WANs, LANs and all of it. I use RAID for my Web Server.

Ok I mapped the Mycloud over. If I try to copy even one file from my external HD over to the Mycloud drive I get this error message. - The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -8058).
I am not familiar with the error code 8058. I thought I was set up with full permissions? Where do I check that?

Copy using what program? Mac Finder? Is the external hard drive connected to your computer/Mac or the My Cloud?

A quick internet search for “mac error code 8058” turns up the following two links in the first ten results:

Perhaps one of those two links may provide an answer as to why your Mac is generating that error message.

Ok the external HD is hooked to my MacbookPro through USB port. I am hooked directly to my Router. Trying to copy after mapping Mycloud drive via finder. I am also at times getting error 36. I my see if there is some way to get the Mycloud drive out of the enclosure. Then to a Sata or an enclosure so to get it some how directly to the MacBook so I can use carbon copy cloner. I was also wondering if I could sftp in and use FileZilla? I double checked permissions and I have full access. I started getting the error 36 when I went into WD dash and turned off requiring password on my user thinking that might be part of the issue. So maybe the error number change could be a clue.

Different file systems. May not be a good idea.

MyCloud is Linux ext3/ext4 file system. I’m not sure that CCC is designed for anything other than Apple file systems.