External HDD via USB directly to NAS

Hello guys, I just try to copy files from my external HDD via USB on my cloud nas, I used app to that simple select folder from hdd and paste, process start but never finish always is some errors in activity you can see failed.
Any idea why is wrong? Maybe my nas is broken?

Idea of this is copy files from USB or to USB directly without pc/mac

The suggested method of copying files from a USB hard drive attached to the single bay My Cloud USB port is using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. If moving a large amount of data the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) recommends connecting the USB drive to a computer that is connected (via Gigabit Ethernet) to the same Gigabit router the My Cloud is connected to.

One may also be able to use the My Cloud Desktop program and quite possibly (but I haven’t done so) use the MyCloud.com web portal and the My Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android to move files from the USB drive attached to the My Cloud to a Share on the My Cloud.

Otherwise one can use SSH to access the My Cloud at the firmware/command level and issue a Linux copy, move or rsync command to copy the files from the USB drive to the My Cloud.

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Ok but idea is how to copy files without computer?

You need some sort of device to initiate the copy. The My Cloud doesn’t (generally) contain the ability to copy data from a USB drive attached to it’s USB port without some sort of user intervention to trigger or initiate the copy sequence.

As indicated previously you can use SSH to connect to the My Cloud to trigger a Linux copy/move/rsync command to copy the files from the USB drive to the My Cloud. Or you could use the My Cloud web portal or My Cloud mobile apps or the My Cloud Dashboard program. All should cause the My Cloud to copy the data from the USB drive to the My Cloud without transferring that data through the local computer or mobile device.

When a USB drive is connected to the My Cloud it creates a “Share” that is user accessible like all other Shares on the My Cloud.

This is a message if try to copy on my mobile app from hdd to nas , can you please give me instructions step by step?

Which mobile app? WD’s mobile app or some other file manager app? What mobile device OS are you using? iOS or Android or other? Are you copying a single/multiple file(s) or selecting an entire directory/folder to copy to the My Cloud?

Ok this is iOS app, I try to copy multiple folders with files , I just find out even is error as above first folder is copy with no problem other not, but if only one folder is chosen still showing error but file is copied from hdd to nas or other way. I wish to choice few folders same time and close app

Using the WD app on an Android phone it will generate an error when trying to copy an entire folder (by selecting the folder). However if I select individual files they copy without issue. Using the My Cloud Desktop program on a Windows PC I could select the folder and copy it. So trying to copy entire folders may not be supported by the WD app (which I rarely use anyway).

If the WD app won’t copy entire folders then you could use an SSH app on the mobile device, assuming your connected via WiFi to the same local network as the My Cloud, to access the My Cloud and issue a cp (copy) or rsync command through the SSH command line interface. This assumes you have knowledge of how to enable SSH on the My Cloud Dashboard and how to issue SSH commands to access the My Cloud.

Example SSH commands to copy from a USB drive to a location on the My Cloud:

cp -vr /var/media/<usb drive name>/<usb folder or subfolder>/ /DataVolume/shares/<Share location>/

rsync -r /var/media/usb drive name>/<usb folder or subfolder>/ /DataVolume/shares/<Share location>/<folder name>

More examples:

cp -vr /source/. /dest/

rsync -r source/ destination
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Thanks , Will try this and let you know, any way its working for me if copy folder by folder but not multiple folders