WD My Cloud software error message: "The following folder was not copied"

Whenever I try to copy large amounts of data from my harddrive plugged into the back of my My Cloud 8TB, I get this error message:

Error message. The following folder was not copied. This can occur if the folder name was changed. Please try again.

What is causing this error? I’ve tried about 10 times now and get the error message every time after about 20 minutes. Should I try different (non-proprietary) software?

I don’t know. What proprietary software are you using…?

For local access, I would always recommend simply mapping shares as network drives, and then using your operating system’s native file manager.

There is absolutely no need to use WD software to access your drive locally.

Also, if you are trying to copy large amounts of data from an HDD onto the MyCloud, even WD recommend you plug the HDD into your computer, and transfer it via your computer: see the appendices of the User Manual.

The name of the program I’m using is “WD My Cloud”

How do I connect the My Cloud to my computer? My Mac doesn’t have an ethernet port.

I didn’t suggest plugging your MyCloud into your Mac. I suggested plugging the external USB HDD into your Mac.

Download and read the MyCloud user manual. It will tell you how to map your MyCloud into your Mac’s file system, allowing you to use Finder for all your file transfer activities, and all your programs to access the MyCloud as if it was an HDD in, or attached to your Mac.

I would rather not transfer 6TB of data via wifi. I know how to do it, and started doing it, but it said it would take about 8 days to transfer. I would much rather find a way to transfer it directly from harddrive to harddrive, without using my computer as the medium, which the device is supposed to be able to do.

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I would much rather find a way to transfer it directly from harddrive to harddrive, without using my computer as the medium[/quote]

But if you’re using the MyCloud app, your computer is involved…

You can try connecting to the linux system which runs the MyCloud, and using cp to copy the files from HDD attached to the MyCloud to the MyCloud’s HDD. You need to enable SSH on the MyCloud, and then use Terminal to connect to it.

But bear in mind that the USB interface on the MyCloud is rather slow, even though it’s compliant with the physical interface spec of USB3.

Transferring 8TB is going to take a long time, however you do it. With perfect utilisation of a GBE link, it would take 24 hours. With a typical large file write rate (40MB/s) about 55 hours. For random, small files, could easily be 8 days.

The device is claimed to do lots of things.

The reality is somewhat different…

Yes but it won’t be the medium for the file transfer. Do you enjoy semantic arguments. USB file transfers are significantly faster than WIFI file transfers.

On a USB interface that works at full speed, maybe, although wifi-ac will give it a good run for its money.

But on the poorly-implemented USB provided on the MyCloud? Probably not.

Semantic arguments? No, I’m talking about pragmatic, practical experience. Backed up by recommendations from WD. Don’t believe me? Download and read the MyCloud user manual, in particular the appendices.

I’ve given you plenty of practical advice. Go try some of it.

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I did try your advice (wifi) and it was 10 times slower than USB.

I think I’ve found a way to make the USB work so I’ll keep trying with that before I give up.

The appendices do recommend avoiding USB, however they recommend connecting the My Cloud to your computer using ethernet (NOT using wifi) which isn’t an option for me because my Mac has no ethernet port.

The manual says:

  1. Connect the USB drive to your computer for optimal performance.
  2. Connect your computer and the My Cloud device directly to your router with a wired
    Ethernet connection.
  3. Copy your data from your external USB drive (or your computer) to your My Cloud
    Network performance optimization guidelines for data migration:

Data transfer over a wireless connection between your computer and the My Cloud
device will generally result in slower data transfer performance.

A wired connection between your computer and your router is recommended.

I didn’t suggest using wifi. You only mentioned your computer was limited to wifi after I’d given you the advice.

Could you share what you’ve found for the benefit of other users?