Lost full access external usb drive

I have an iomega 2tb external usb drive attached to my 4tb wdmycloud. Worked great for the last few months and now there are issues. Streaming media still works fine but I can only copy from, and NOT to the drive. I mostly use es file explorer on my android tablet to manage files and like I said it worked fine before. ES explorer has not been updated. I haven’t updated to the latest wdmycloud firmware since this last november when I bought it cause it seemed to be fine and I read the horror stories on here.

In the dashboard I saw that the ext drive changed from private to public on its own so I changed it back to private. I re-enabled full access to myself and restricted other users like I had earlier. Still no change in drives behavior. I rebooted but no change either. I then ran a quick system test which hit 90% then failed.

Any ideas? Drive still showsup fine and can stream and copy from but I have no write access.

Hello there, do you still have the same issue if you connect the external drive to your computer, or is this only when connected to the My Cloud unit? 

Fwiw, I updated the firmware on the wd mycloud. Same issues with the ext usb drive. Per your suggestion I plugged in the drive directly into my mac and I see I still have the same issues. My cloud still runs fine however. Guess its time to get a new external drive?