External Drive Connected

After configuring WDMyCloud , I have connected my existing 1TB Expandable Drive (which has data of around 700GB), and by default the share has been taken as Public Access.

I have changed the setting to ‘off’ and the ‘updating’ has happened since last 15 hours, reaching no end.

I am unable to access the drive or WDMyCloud during this whole process. I would like to know what is the easiest way to change the public access for the drive I have connected, which already has large amount data on it.


You can change the permissions of the drive through the dashboard of the My Cloud.

Thanks ERmorel.

I knew that already, and doing that only had caused this issue.

Anyhow I have solved it now. The first time Dashboard was screening (DLNA Database) through all the 910GB data on the attached drive, and I asked it to also change access, which got stuck for hours. I realised it later and did the process one afte the other and solved it.