My cloud USB storage not seen on new share

I have a my cloud4tb nas drive. I recently purchased a WD 6TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive and connected it to the has via USB. I enabled cloud connectivity, and my total storage space shows the total between the two.

I have shares running on my Ubuntu box via nsfw. I rebooted the computer, however my total storage shown on the computer is still on the 4tb. How can I access or add that extra to my shares?

On the single bay/single drive My Cloud, adding extra storage via an external USB hard drive does not spread that extra storage space across existing Shares. Rather the My Cloud creates a new single Share for the USB hard drive. One can “map” that Share to their computer in order to have easy access to that USB hard drive.

How do I create a share with that drive then?

Under the “set up shares” section I don’t see a way to specify the new drive.

On the single bay/single drive My Cloud devices when one connects the USB hard drive to the My Cloud, a Share (usually titled after the USB drive name) is automatically created if the My Cloud can mount the drive. One may have to scroll down the Share list to find the USB drive Share name. One may also have to check the USB icon at the top of the Dashboard to ensure the USB drive is seen and mounted by the My Cloud.

Here is how a USB drive looks on my first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud. The USB icon indicates the drive is connected, and the Share name is Toshiba.

I don’t have any new shares. Just the ones I created.

Does the USB icon (mycloudusbicon ) indicate a USB drive is connected and mounted? If properly mounted it should show the drive capacity information.

It does. I have the icon with all relevant information. There is no share with the drive name

So…no Idea what Happened. I checked it again today. Now it listed.

New community member here but this seems related. I have an issue where I see the two shares on MyCloud, but only one shows up when I go to map the network drive.