External USB not shareable from files.mycloud.com

Accessing my WD My Cloud (Gen1) from files.mycloud.com: I am able to browse both my internal and an external drive.
Navigating in the USB externat, if I try to “share” (right click, for instance “share a link”) on a file or folder I get a blocking message saying something like “it can’t share file or folder from external USB”, inviting me to prior copy the data from external to internat, which is not helpful at all.

How to bypass or workaround this limitation !?

Is USB Content Availability enabled under Cloud Access on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings?

Have you checked the USB drive Share in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares to see if it’s configured for Private and if it is, does a user have Full Access to it? Are you using that user to access MyCloud.com?

Yes, it is.

USB drive Share in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares to see WAS NOT configured for Private. Not clear why it should be private if I expect to access it form public cloud !? Anyway, event setting this Public Access = OFF (means private) and ensuring the user used to access [MyCloud.com] is setup with (ReadOnly or Full Access), I still get the same message :

Sharing Items on your USB drive.
A USB drive was detected. If you want to share files or folders from this device, please first copy or move them to your My Cloud drive.
How to :

  1. Copy or move items from your UBS drive to a personal cloud. Note : copying create a duplicate of your content. Moving deletes the original from the USB drive.
  2. Select the personal cloud to which (…)

You can work around it with a symbolic link if all else fails. Just this is very much a dirty hack.

ln -s /mnt/someusb /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Someshare/Somefolder

This will make the USB device’s contents appear to be underneath some other, LOCAL share. This is, again, a dirty hack. You would run that from a root shell over ssh on the mycloud itself.

Hello, Thank you Wierd_w ! Agree this is a dirty hack, in default of any answer … it works well !