Upload problems with WD My Cloud desktop app


I am unable to upload files via my WD My Cloud App (Version on my PC. My PC at the office runs with Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1809. So far it has always worked. I guess after updating the System at our office to Windows 10 Version 1809 it isn’t working anymore. I’m able to access all files through the app and open them but I’m not able to upload any files.

Can anyone help me out?


Hi AntonioCarfora,

We have sent you a message. Please check your Community Message Inbox.

Hi Brandon
Thank you for your message. Yes, I have contacted your support in Switzerland. Well, the problem with desktop app isn’t resolved but your colleague told me that the app won’t be supported anymore and that access via browser is even more secure. I guess the information is right.

Hey WD Community & WD Co-workers,

we used to use the Windows Desktop App to get remote access to our WD MyCloud.
The WD MyCloud is located in my parents house. My brother and me had always remote access to the cloud to work with the Excel files. For some weeks now the Windows Desktop App doesn’t work anymore, because the support ran out.

Now we can’t use the cloud as we used to do.

WD Access, WD Sync and WD Discover seem not to be alternatives for our good old Desktop App.

Is WD planning to create a Desktop App again?

As an alternative we got access to the cloud via VPN and connected the WD MyCloud-Folders as network drives. It’s always tutorous to establish the VPN connection before accessing the cloud.

Is there any WD product which is accessible from remote via Desktop App like our MyCloud used to be?

Thanks a lot!