Can't find WD My Cloud desktop app


I have a laptop with WD My Cloud application installed for Windows. I installed it like 2 years ago mayby.
I recently gave access to friend. They can access my cloud from they phone, but they would like to access my cloud with same app I have on my laptop.
Where can I get my hand on that app again?



The My Cloud Desktop App is no longer supported by the My Cloud series as it has been discontinued. However, I found a link to the download section since the App is still available for the My Book Live products.


I prefer using the Mycloud app desktop instead accessing via because only1 reason, the music player! I can select a number of files and add to a playlist and imediatly it starts to play, while in it has to download the music to play it.


What app replace MyCloud Desktop?


It’s quite a problem! If anyone has a software solution regarding this issue please give us a hint.


It’s incredible frustrating to me that the ap is no longer available. I loved that I could work on files through the ap and they automatically synched/saved on the cloud. Now, I have to download the file, do my work, and reupload the file. This is an incredible pain for those working remotely and sharing files with others!!! What is WD going to do to re-enable that critical functionality?