Can't find WD My Cloud desktop app


I have a laptop with WD My Cloud application installed for Windows. I installed it like 2 years ago mayby.
I recently gave access to friend. They can access my cloud from they phone, but they would like to access my cloud with same app I have on my laptop.
Where can I get my hand on that app again?



The My Cloud Desktop App is no longer supported by the My Cloud series as it has been discontinued. However, I found a link to the download section since the App is still available for the My Book Live products.


I prefer using the Mycloud app desktop instead accessing via because only1 reason, the music player! I can select a number of files and add to a playlist and imediatly it starts to play, while in it has to download the music to play it.


What app replace MyCloud Desktop?


It’s quite a problem! If anyone has a software solution regarding this issue please give us a hint.