MyCloud App?


I have it installed on both Macs, and Windows this useful Desktop application, version on the Mac.

I understand it has been discontinued. It was a useful application for easy access to files on the My Cloud drive.

What did WD replace it with???

I use it to email links to photos files, and folders as opposed to the web link.



Not sure what “app” you are talking about. One can see the currently available downloads for the single bay My Cloud at the following WD Support link.

Software for Windows
WD My Cloud Setup for Windows
My Net View Network Evaluation Tool
WD Quick View for Windows
WD SmartWare
WD Sync for Windows
WD Access for Windows

Software for Mac
WD My Cloud Setup for Mac
WD Quick View for Mac
WD Sync for Mac
WD Access for Mac

Software for Mobile
My Cloud for iOS
My Cloud for Android

One can still download the My Cloud Desktop program at the following links:



Here is the application I am referring to.

Thanks for responding.


I think you mean the app here?


I think they mean the Mac version of that app. It hasn’t been updated since 2016, and doesn’t seem to allow Mac users to login:


The My Cloud Desktop program has been End of Life (EoL) for a while now. After a recent WD firmware update (appears to be v2.x firmware My Cloud users) some users (both Windows and Mac) can no longer use that application to access their My Cloud remotely. Unfortunately one is now being forced to use web portal for remote file access using Windows or Mac operating systems (or using insecure FTP) on their computer.

Edit to Add: Just noticed that the My Cloud Dashboard no longer properly accesses my first gen v4.x My Cloud running the latest firmware. It no longer lists users to select from when setting it up either on a local network connection or remotely. Guess WD finally killed off access with this program on the first gen with the latest v4.x firmware.