Is there a Mac desktop app for secure access and features?

I keep looking for WD app products to give me desktop access to my NAS securely.

I found an app called My Cloud Desktop that never connects even though I have the correct credentials.

I use ftp to connect (using a router DMZ or port), but it’s not secure and I can’t “work” from the file so that when it saves it saves directly to the drive.

I just downloaded something called WD Sync (, but it had me create new user account for myself in stead of seeing the entire drive which I have read/write access to.

Getting in via and a web browser works, but it isn’t what I want.

I am looking for a way to easily connect to the drive remotely (if need be) at the Mac Finder level that is secure. I thought MyCloud Desktop ( would be that way, but not only does it kick me out, but the app itself looks really old (written in an old code). Is it a matter of using WD Sync different.

Also as a bonus. Is there a way to access files through the Mac Finder and have right-click access (like Dropbox) to certain features that we have in the web access connection to our cycloid devices - like sharing a link or private link. It’d be nice to have some of the same web browser features at the desktop/Finder level?

If you want to access My Cloud from remote location on Mac, the best option would be to access it using FTP and via