Only get read-only access on apple, full read/write on windows

I’m new to Apple. Bought my wife a Macbook Air with Yosimete on it. Her share on the mycloud is accessible read/write from windows, but on the Mac all we can get is a connection that is read-only, and takes a while to establish. We’ve deleted all mycloud entrys from the key chain, rebooted cloud, router, macbook. No change.

Any ideas?

Hi, follow the link below to review the steps on how to map the My Cloud on your Mac.

How to map a WD network drive on a Mac 

This did not help. We got that far. Those instructions are to use “admin” as user id and password. Tried it, doesn’t work. I already have a user setup for my wife, I use her account name and password. I connect as registered user, with her credentials. This way I get read-only access, but not write access. I do the same thing, same credentials, from a Windows PC and I have full access, including write access.

What I’m missing is the magic touch to get Apple to do the same kind of connection as the PC.

This whole thing is behaving strange. More symptoms:

  • Once I connect in the finder, I can’t open directories except the first level below the root directory of the share

  • When I use the WD Cloud Desktop App I can open all directory

  • Even in the desktop app the connection is read-only

  • When I open a text file from the WD Cloud Desktop App, edit it and exit the editor, the app goes into an endless spin, never to return.

  • When I look for file attributes of the text file in the app, I get “invalid file properties”.

This is happening on a brand new Macbook Air, with OSX Yosemite.

Any idea what I could do?


Update: My wife is now able to edit and write files on her share when she launches the files from the WD mycloud desktop app. It’s not consisten, sometimes it fails, sometimes it works. One has to go slow and leave a pause between opening a file saving it, and opening it again. Otherwise the app hangs.

Outside of the app the files are still only seen as read-only. As a consequence, she can’t use save-as from Word and the like.