App Sync to WD Cloud

Can anyone suggest or is it possible to sync an App in my MAC to WD Cloud. Most apps out there will sync to iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox or One Drive. I want to sync to my WD Cloud at home instead.

Thanks in advance

Hi, I am not if this helps but I am using a free app called freefilesync to sync my files on Windows 10 desktop to My Cloud. I have not seen them publishing Mac version but maybe you can try going to their website. Good luck

If you are asking if there is an app that will sync content on your Mac to an My Cloud the answer is yes, the WD Sync program for Windows/Mac.

See the WD Support page for more information, including the My Cloud User Manual (, and other downloads for Mac computers.

It should be noted however that numerous people have had trouble getting WD Sync to work properly or have had numerous issues with that software. If one does not need remote syncing and will be doing all syncing on the local network they can use third party sync software like Free File Sync (

Thanks for reply suggestions. I have an app (such as One Note) and I want to sync to WD My Cloud instead of Dropbox.