Updating older posts

Hi Mods,

I noticed after the forum revamp only recent ones are editable. How do we edit older posts?


Can you please share the link to the thread so I can send that to Bill to see if that can be updated?

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Hey ERmorel,

Today I saw the “pencil” icon appearing on all my older post. Looks good :sunny:

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Hi Mods, @ERmorel

Seems it’s happening again? The “pencil” icon is no longer available for older post. I was trying to update my older topic for new CrashPlan v4.4.1, then I noticed all my older posts started by me are no longer editable :frowning:

Yes, me too.

And, even if I can edit them (if I’ve edited them before: look for the pencil at the top of the post), I still can’t specify any formatting; font, etc. other than by using the asterisk ‘strength tags’.

[edit: ah; this isn’t an edit dialogue; it just shows what edits were made]

It’s a bit frustrating when you’re trying to edit an FAQ to update it with stuff you’ve learnt, and correct misconceptions you’ve previously posted. You know, trying to do our unpaid Support jobs to help WD’s Customers get their WD Products working…

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Yes I agree with @cpt_paranoia. It’s harder to maintain post or even to format a new one. As much as I like html5, somehow I still prefer the good old interface.

The edit “pencil” is supposed to be located at the end of the post titled “edit this post”, but it’s missing for older posts. Please enable it back especially for OP. A solution to open another similar post is unacceptable as information will get scattered all over.

There’s one more thing I noticed, regarding the email you got from the forum, it’s saying that you could reply via email:

To respond, >>>reply to this email<<< or visit https://community.wd.com/t/updating-older-posts/134783/5 in your browser.

Looks cool, I can easily reply on-the-go. Then I tried the other time and the email got rejected due to unknown recipient. Duh! Didn’t even bother to report it lol.

@Nazar78 - I checked the reply-by-email functionality last week and it was working OK…

@Bill_S - could you test on your side to see if something broke?

I just tested:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
  A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error.

replies+a3f7c66f37ca730be83194aaaf6d69c4@community.wd.com Domain Not Resolved

We’re looking into this.

Hi guys. Discourse just made a change to some settings that they think might be causing this behavior. Could someone (@Bill_S ?) test again and let me know if the issue persists? If it does than they need to do some more investigating.

Email reply test.

Best Regards,

Arh it’s working now. Thanks @Great_Scottt! But we still can’t edit some of our older OP.

I have a suspicion there’s a ‘lock post after x days’ setting somewhere…

Yes, they are locked. However, if you need to resurrect one, just notify the moderators.

Sure there is one but unfortunately not flexible.

@Bill_S I’m very sure there’s something could be done i.e. flag as locked only if it’s not “Original First Post” or assign special badge to contributors so their “Original First Post” won’t get auto locked after x days? These could be easily implemented.

Come on, is that the best you guys can do to relieve the hassle of us contributors?

The post should show a lock in front of the subject line if it is locked. And you need to understand that a lot of those posts were already locked pre-migration to Discourse. It is best practices to lock a thread once it has been sitting idle for a period of time. I tend to wait for six months.

That is not going to change. If you want an old thread reopened, I’m willing to do that if the thread is still relevant. But I am not going to go and reopen everything just to please you. An old thread stays blocked unless called on and is relevant to the current discussion.

Besides, what’s wrong with starting a new thread to reopen the discussion?

By the way, I never meant to block the guides that were created by you users. So, whatever was stickied, I sticky again and unblock.

So what is the actual period? Definitely not six months as I had my recent OP edited Oct 22 but now it’s already locked.

No one said about reopening everything? I’m just giving you possible solutions/suggestions. And no you don’t have to please me. I’m just a regular WD customer who’s satisfied with their few products I owned and who’s on top of that is doing community work to please the rest of the WD’s customers for a particular product of interest.

This has got nothing to do with reopening of discussion. It’s about consolidation. Say I open a build thread version 1.01, by the time it reaches version 2.00 can you imagine 99 unproductive scattered threads? Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of the load it puts on the DB/email server if a large thread gets reopened. Fine lock the thread but don’t lock the first post for updating of information and consolidating purposes.

I understand, as said I’m giving possible solutions/suggestions as a form of feedback and I’m not going to argue on how you manage your forum. I guess I have to look for other ways to make things work while I still have interest in this particular product. Thanks for your time.

Actually, if it was one of your guides/how-to’s I didn’t lock it. Furthermore, i haven’t set anything to lock automatically after any period of time - not yet anyway. If your thread was pre-Discourse, then it may have happened when all the posts were migrated over. If it was after the migration, then I have no idea how it got locked. It must have been a ghost in the machine.

@Nazar78, look, I can see how I came off harsh with you, so I apologize. I really do appreciate it when you guys jump in and help out. And I’m not looking to make things harder on you. If you see other topics that should be opened up and even stickied, just let me know. I’ll work with you, guys.


No worries no harm done. Think we all need time to adapt to this new design. As much as possible I’m trying to keep all the apps/guides/infos within the forum not elsewhere. Looks like for now I’ll need to bother your moderators if an OP needs to be updated :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers!