Updating older posts

Cool. Feel free to bug any of us.


I’ve contacted two of your moderators since 26th and 28th Nov 2015 but there were no reply since. This new interface makes it hard to tell who’s currently online unlike previous UI where we can easily see which moderator is online. I’m merely guessing the last moderator who replied in the main thread.

Can we use this thread for unlock request instead? As a start, please help to unlock the original post for [APP] Syncthing various versions for firmware V4+ (01/2017)

It looks like they already unblocked it.

I know, I’m missing that function too. I’ll look into what we can do about it.

Thanks @Bill_S.

Edited: [quote=“Bill_S, post:23, topic:134783”]
It looks like they already unblocked it.

Apparently it’s still missing the “pencil icon”. Refer screenshot:


check it now and see if the edit icon shows up.


Just in case I’ve cleared my cache. Nope, still no edit icon on the first post (which I saw you just edited). I can only see the edit icon on the last post. This is the issue we’ve been trying to tell you.

Once more, please check it now.

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Arh yes the pencil icon is there now. Thank you.

You’re welcome.