Unresponsive GUI

I’ve attempted to contact support via email but am getting an error:

An error was encountered during knowledge base search.

Calling isn’t really an option as it is only open when I am out the house and so not able to speak whilst accessing the device. Plus, as you’ll see below, this issue would be much better to email. Oh for an actual email address…

Anyway, can anyone help with this?

My mycloudmirror gen 2’s GUI is completely unresponsive after attempting to run a NAS to USB backup of one of the drives.

After 24 hours my backup hadn’t completed. The backup was to a WD elements external HD, which I believe is USB 3. I attempted to log into the dashboard, but it repeatedly timed out before I was able to navigate to see what backup was doing. In the end I had to do a hard shut down (remove power). Remove my external drive and power up. Since doing that, the device has remained completely unrepsonsive. I attempt to log in, but before anything is responsive in the gui, my session times out. The device is running noisily, sounding more like fan than HD being thrashed, but I could be wrong.
Transmission, which I am able to access, seems to have lost some data.
I’ve connected via SSH and ran top and can see two potential anomalies.
3337 1 root S 846m167.9 0 2.6 /usr/local/restsdk/restsdk-server -device-kind alpha

8222 1 root S 823m163.4 0 1.3 /usr/sbin/docker -d -s devicemapper --storage-opt dm.override

two processes using 800m + of VSZ

Any suggestions on what I can do here? I’m trying to do a proper restart on the system, but I just can’t get there via the GUI. I’ve tried a few commands via SSH to no avail

I’m so done with this device right now.

I eventually managed to get back into the GUI. It was painfully painfully slow. It must have taken me about 30 minutes of unresponsive pages and timeouts in an attempt to restart my backup run. I got to the backup page, plugged in my external hard drive and clicked to start the backup. The last attempt only got about half way through.

12 hours later and the device is still completely unresponsive and has sat there making loud fan noises. Seemingly not much in the way of harddrive noises.

I’d have expected this to have finished even if external device was USB2. And the fact that the device is completely unusable during that time for me to even check progress, never mind use the device for what it is intended for- allowing me access to my files.

How on earth do I start to troubleshoot this? I can’t even get hold of support because the email forms aren’t working.

I know this isn’t an expensive device, but this is now getting ridiculous.