Unresponsive after a couple of days

Hi there when my system runs for a couple of days it becomes unresponsive, I cannot see it on the network, cannot access the web admin to reset it, however I can ping and get a response from its ip-address.

This has been happening over the last month. I cannot reset it right now because I am not physically next to the drive so that means I cannot find out any more information on it.

It is a gen1 2-tb (4-tb total) mycloudmirror2. I really like the system but it seems to not be reliable anymore any thoughts of what I should look at on it?

Thank you

Did you install any of the add-on apps?

The anti virus app for example is a known CPU hog which can make things extremely slow and unresponsive when it’s running and scanning the drives.

Nope no apps installed. This has been happening for a few months. Over the last month I have tried a scheduled restart of the system and that has not helped with it either.

Right now I can ping the unit and get a reply but I cannot access any of the shares and the web interface just times out.

I’d raise this one with WD tech support then.

The only other thing I can think of would be a manual reinstall of the firmware, but if you can’t reach the dashboard then you’re blocked from that one too.

I will do that I just got back home and had to unplug the unit and it came back. This does not seem like a good solution though to have to do this every couple of days.

I am getting a replacement unit under warranty so I guess that is all the trouble shooting I needed.

Thanks for the help.