MyCloud Mirror goes not in stand by

Hi, this is Chris, I am not a native speaker and I am new in this community. Please forgive if I make mistakes. But I hope for help with a problem.
I have since spring a WD MyCloud Mirror 2TB. Until about two months ago I was very happy with it. But suddenly the two HD are allways awake. The automatic standby is no more and the blue LEDs are constantly on and I can also feel the discs running.
I have about 1,1 TB on the disc (mostly photos and music) and I do not add a lot of data the last weeks. I also do not have new advices - with the exception that I upgraded from an iPhone 5S to a 6S. As far as I know I have the latest firmware.
Has any one an idea what the problem could be? I am grateful for every advice.
Best reagrds - Chris

They changed it or there is bug where the hard drive leds stay on even when its sleeping. Is the first one slowly pulsing? Then its asleep.

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Hi John,
You’re right! The patient is in good healt, just the symptoms are the problem. The disks are indeed NOT running and the first LED is slowly pulsing. So everything okay - but I hope they will change it with a firmware that glowing means “on”.
Thank you so much for your help and danke schön - Chris