MyCloud unresponsive during Content Scan

My device has been very unresponsive several; times over the last few weeks.

I’m fairly certain it is doing content scans when it’s unresponsive. Shouldn’t it suspend the scan when it gets a request such as trying to access the dashboard or accessing files via windows explorer, or at least give those requests a higher priority?

At the moment I’ve had to wait at least 5 minutes for a login screen to the dashboard. This issue also causes a backup job to fail due to no response from the device.

Anyone know how to change this behavior?

Anyone know how to prevent content scans?

If you have v3 or v4 firmware, stop and disable the wdmcserverd and wdphotdbmergerd tasks:

These tasks perform the scanning and image thumbnailing. If you do this, you will not be able to see thumbnails when using the remote access apps.

Im 2 updates behind. Will update asap and see if that helps. Was away for 3 months.

If you mean that you have v2 firmware, then, thanks to the idiots in WD’s product development department, you may have the more recent ‘Gen2’ hardware, running v2 firmware, unlike the older ‘Gen1’ hardware which runs v3 or v4 firmware…

Confused? Yes, of course you are; we all are. As I said: WD are idiots…

More problems caused by the ‘silent Gen2 launch’:

Sorry for not responding sooner.

After my firmware update things seem much better.