Unable to wake up from Standby via Windows PC


I try to get a EX2 Ultra working and struggle with the following:

After some time the NAS goes to what the manual calls “Standby” (Main LED pulsing slowly, HDD LEDs constant).
Now I assume the NAS should wake up on activity. Well, what works is:
a) Access from Windows Explorer (Network Drive)
b) Access from Android via My Cloud App.
That brings the NAS back online.

What doesn’t work is access via MyCloud.com on my Windows Mashine via Chrome and IE. This times out and reports NAS is not available.

Doesn’t seem like a to big deal but I tend to use a Windows Laptop to process Photos while travelling and sending them from Windows to the NAS is a major use case for me.

Any ideas anybody?

Hello PDassler,

You can disable the Sleep Mode during inactive period which will not allow My Cloud device to go to sleep mode and will be able to access My Cloud data via MyCloud.com from remote location.

To set whether the drive not go to sleep:

  • Click Settings.
  • In the left pane, click General.
  • Turn Hard Drive Sleep on or off as appropriate:
  • On: The hard drive goes to sleep during inactive periods.
  • Off: The hard drive never goes into sleep mode.

thanks, I have seen this setting and switched HDD Sleep mode to on intentionally.
Does it mean that during HDD Sleep an external access via cloud would not wake up my HDD? Is that the intended design? Or am I facing a bug?

Besides: I now had 2 days with no problems accessing my Cloud remotely whatsoever. Even after 1 Day of inactivity the cloud wakes up if I try to access it via mycloud.com immediately.
This seems incosistent to me.