Waking up MyCloud EX4100

Hello again,

I’m happy with my MyCloud EX 4100 which I’m using about a month now.
The only problem I’m facing right now is the following.
It says on it’s LCD display: NAS is in standby mode.

I can’t access SMB nor Web nor ping it.
I already tried several Wake-on-LAN tools but it’s not working.
Is there any way I can wake the NAS up again to actually use it?

The NAS is on the latest firmware and I’m using a WIndows 10 x64 computer to connect from.
This WD QuickView is completely useless since it’s only a tray icon with it’s software information.

As far as I can remember I have actually checked one of the two energy saving options, I guess it was the sleep modus for it’s HDD’s.

Can anyone help me with the issue with the description above or is the only way to get it working again by unplugging the power cable?

Thank you very much!

Does anyone can please help? :slight_smile:

I got the same problem.
My EX4100 firmware is up to date 2.31.195 as of 10/02/2019.

i know this a old post but im guessing you all are figuring out by now OS5 ■■■■■ bad tons of issues and seems WD pulled an epic Microsoft move by releasing this OS without really testing it out now its a epic fail good luck getting anything to work try going to setting and find drive sleep disable it then reboot see if that works