2 newish issues - Sleep mode regardless of setting and mapped drive failure to local systems

I have 2 issues with my EX4100 right now. One is old and reoccurring (for some reason) and one is new and extremely frustrating.

Old issue - Sleep mode. I have disabled this and it seemed to work for a while, but I haven’t accessed the NAS to watch movies or play music, just updated some data files so still accessing the device on a daily basis, and it went into sleep mode where I have no control. I cannot login via website to the Admin panel. The front panel is not “accessible” and does not change display screens with the buttons and I have to pull power to force a reboot to then allow re-connection and access.
This has happened twice in about 3 weeks.
I do not have Virus scan and Sleep Mode is OFF.

  • Has there been any fix for this yet?

NEW ISSUE - Unable to map the NAS to any computer!!! This is a big issue for me as I have lost ability to transfer files.
The NAS does not appear on my computers as a network connection at all now.
No access;

  • All previous mapped drive shortcuts no longer function, since it is not longer mapped.
  • NAS is not appearing as a network attached device for listing under Network on computers

Identified connection;

  • The IP is the same and is seen on my router and direct Ethernet connection indicated.
  • I still have access to movies/music from PLEX which is using the same IP address.
  • I see the connection on all my tablets/phones devices attached and can access data.

I have tried reconnecting on multiple systems without success even after proper reboots from interface.
Al case systems are Ethernet connected to the router.
I have rebooted my Router.
All Wifi devices are visible on Wifi and can connect without error.
All system (including my NAS) are visible on my router and identify their IPs accordingly.

Due to the sleep mode occurring recently (again) I have been forced to hard boot with power disconnect twice in the past 3 weeks.

Why is my network (on the computers) not recognizing my NAS anymore?
How can I recover this connection?
When will SLEEP MODE be fixed?

Is there some ‘time-out’ protocol in place for after reboot to disallow any direct network connections? But allow Wifi connections?

Firmware - 2.31.204

Well,…it’s back.
Took 4 NAS reboots for it to acknowledge a connection.
Are there any identifiers for this issue?
Does not seem to matter if hard boot or UI reboot. It’s just happen when it wants to with no indication.

Well went to sleep again.
No reason for it. I guess it just gets tired and say, meh, I’ve had enough.

I was using it last night with no issues.
This afternoon, no connection.

Had to hard boot to get any functionality from the system.