Un-hack MyCloud Gen2 2TB

Dear all Member,

I hack MyCloud, install some apps: Utility, Ex-Utility, Transmission.
Tonight, when plug USB HDD box 3.0 to read my data on Box, i can not browse on MyCloud and USB box.

And then, i reboot MyCloud. So, it’s again Blue LED blinking.

I try many solution such as but it still blinking:

  • reset MyCloud.
  • use USB boot to recover FW 2.30.165. (Login successful, Apps that i installed still see in Menu)
  • Later, reset System only on FW 2.30.165.
  • use USB boot to recover FW 2.21.126. (Login successful, Apps that i installed still see in Menu)
  • Later, reset System only on FW 2.21.126.
    I still use SSH and USB boot is recovered FW back.

So, could you help me back to Original FW or … un-hack MyCloud?

Thanks for supporting me,
Philip VN.

@philipvn Have you looked at the User Manual?


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Hi @cat0w,

Sorry, i don’t know how your mean are!
Sorry for my bad English, pls show me how to … un-hack MyCloud if you can!

Philip VN.

What does “un-hack” mean?

Have you thought about using one of the various “unbricking” procedures discussed in various past threads that can be found using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right?


Or see Fox_exe’s various directions at this link:

Note: Unbricking a My Cloud often results in loss of user data. So backup all user data if possible before performing an unbrick.

Dear Bennor,

I mean: after hack MyCloud, I want to… remove hack out out MyCloud, restore to Original FW of MyCloud.
I alway to reset System Only but MyCloud still Blue LED blinking.

Yes, it’s has… brick but sometime i can make MyCloud work again by guide of @Fox_exe.
So, pls show me if you could make it!
Philip VN.

You should contact Fox_exe directly to see if they can assist with your issue. If you haven’t done so already try re-flashing the My cloud with the latest firmware. For some unsupported mods/apps that will erase the mod/app a dn reset the My Cloud to default. Otherwise follow one of the various unbrick procedures which will typically reinstall the firmware onto the My Cloud Drive.

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Dear @Bennor,

Thanks for your advice.
I’ve already contact with @Fox_exe but still have not reply from Him, i’ve been waiting!

Now, MyCloud has change: from BLUE LED => RED LED BLINKING! hix…

I’m very so sad!
Philip VN.

Dear @Bennor,

MyCloud has RED LED blinking maybe that I can not recovery by Safe Mode, i do it so now it BLUE LED Blinking again.
But now, MyCloud is booting up… so long time!

I think, maybe now WD Community can guide me fix some solution like that:

  • Reset System Only for MyCloud by SSH and Telnet.
  • Which Firmware is good to recovery so i can get MyCloud working back again and reset system only.
  • In last solution, because MyCloud is still guarantie, I can get a new one for replacing. I need to copy data to My PC and will transfer to a new MyCloud. So, how can I make backup for data in MyCloud.

Thanks for supporting me, @Bennor and WD Community.
Philip VN.

That’s an unusual interpretation of a warranty; you install unauthorised software, and expect the manufacturer to replace it when you mess it up.

I don’t think that’s a fair way to behave.

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Dear @cpt_paranoia,

I know hack MyCloud or some product of WD is illegal, and of course, WD maybe will not warranty MyCloud.

WD community has forum that Legal for WD Product and in this forum has many member are staffs or support technican for WD Corporation. This forum has WD logo in left-top of banner, is it right!?
(I think maybe you also know who WD staff or supporting WD product in this forum)

And when i get in WD official website, some page has link to WD Community, like this: https://support.wdc.com/knowledgebase.

By the way, as the end-user, i bought MyCloud and want to have a good experience with WD product. And i join in WD Community is not out off my experience with WD product: get more knowlegde when using it.
I use MyCloud in normally, have not break-down device.

Thanks for you advice and i had a good experience in WD Communty with you, @cpt_paranoia!
Philip VN.

It is not “illegal” (in most if not all places) to hack or modify the My Cloud firmware. WD even provides access to GPL versions of the My cloud firmware so its customers can compile their own firmware versions. Instead by modifying the non GPL firmware you are potentially breaking the My Cloud Warranty agreement which gives WD the option to deny any warranty claim one makes on a modified WD My Cloud drive.

This is a user to user support form. There are very few actual WD employees who monitor and participate in this subforum. Instead its mostly users who came here for one reason or another and have stayed to try and help others at their own time and expense.

All posts for [Mods] and [Apps] are unofficial modifications to the My Cloud firmware. One takes the risk, as you discovered, that using one of these unofficial mods or apps has the potential to “brick” or render a My Cloud unusable. In some cases a mod/app can possibly be “uninstalled”. In other cases a complete “unbrick” may be the only recourse to restore a modified My Cloud to stock configuration.

Furthermore these modifications and apps assume the user has some knowledge of SSH and how to issue commands through SSH to the My Cloud. One can easily brick/render unusable a My Cloud by issuing the wrong or incorrect SSH command. Furthermore in certain cases performing an “apt-get” to update the Linux modules (or add new modules) within the My Cloud often renders the device unusable.

As previously indicated, one can use one of the various unbrick methods to return a My Cloud to stock. This includes replacing a dead internal My Cloud hard drive prior to unbricking. The methods to restore the 2nd generation single bay My Cloud IS NOT the same as restoring a 1st generation single bay My Cloud. So make sure to choose the correct unbrick method for your single bay My Cloud version. And some unbrick methods require removing the My Cloud hard drive which will typically void the My Cloud warranty.

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Thanks for your advice, @Bennor

WD Community is good forum for end-user has knowledge and more experience when use WD product.
And member on WD Community have very kindly to support all of case of end-user.
So, WD Corporation has more sponsore (or something like this) to make this forum growing.

In my case, as you know, i try NOT break WD warranty. I’ve just find a solution that fix error throught SSH or Telnet. I’m NOT remove HDD out of WDMC until MyCloud still stay of warranty.

Back to my case, i think (maybe) Firmware make trouble for MyCloud to brick. (Sorry, it’s just my opinion when use MyCloud).
Detail maybe in: the code of communication between MyCloud and HDD box. I usually play my media on HDD box.
Because if i’m not hack MyCloud, maybe brick will come to me… in the furutre.

Until now, MyCloud still Blue LED blinking, try many time guide of @Fox_exe but it’s not work: Recovery FW in safe mode

  1. Use any USB Flash drive, format it to FAT32 (Important!)

  2. Unpack usbrecovery.tar.gz to this drive (You will get “boot” folder and 4 files inside)

  3. Plug this USB drive to WD MyCloud, turn on power. Wait yellow-red (blinking) light.

  4. Connect via Telnet (Search IP in your router, unde DHCP section.)

  5. Format HDD if need:
    parted /dev/sda
    mklabel gpt
    mkpart primary 1049kB 2149MB
    mkpart primary 8591MB -1MB
    mkpart primary 7517MB 8591MB
    mkpart primary 2149MB 3222MB
    mkpart primary 3222MB 4296MB
    mkpart primary 4296MB 6443MB
    mkpart primary 6443MB 7517MB
    mkswap /dev/sda1
    mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3

  6. Install original WD recovery and reboot:
    mkdir -p /mnt/usb /mnt/root
    mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/root
    mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb
    cp -r /mnt/usb/boot /mnt/root/
    cd /mnt/root/boot
    rm uImage uRamdisk
    mv uImage-wdrecovery uImage
    mv uRamdisk-wdrecovery uRamdisk
    cd /
    umount /mnt/root /mnt/usb
    reboot -f

  7. After reboot device get old IP address and accessable via Web-GUI (Recovery mode). Use original firmware (.bin file) here.

I’m feel so sad.
Once again, thank for your supporting me.
Philip VN.

Dear all,

MyCloud now can be back 2.10.302, but have some… strange:

  • When connect to MyCloud at first time after recovery, i look like setup a new one at beginning.
  • Apps that i installed were still there.
  • Config are reset default.
  • DLNA not classified my media: music, movie, data… . It’s just see all data in one on storage! I re-scan or rebuild DLNA Media was not working.

And then, i reset system only or update to 2.30.165, MyCloud is BLUE LED blinking again.

What next to do, can somebody help me?

Did you actually format the hard drive? Or did you skip that step because you didn’t want to loose your files that are currently on the My Cloud hard drive?

If you formatted the hard drive then there is NO WAY the previously installed unofficial apps would still be there. The only way for the unofficial apps to be still there after formatting the hard drive would be if the image (or firmware file) used during the unbricking procedure contained them.

Also if there are a lot of media files on the My Cloud, performing a media server database refresh/rebuild may take a long time. The Dashboard main page may indicate “Scanning” under the Content section and the Dashboard > Settings > Media > DLNA Media Server section may indicate “Updating database”.

Dear @Bennor,

Actually, step 1 (format HDD) is… not format HDD. It’s just regconized a patition of FW.
I have do it… many time, it’s action for recovery FW.

Now, I can back 2.10.302 and change IP of MyCloud back to normally. Twonky Media Server has scan library normally.
On 2.10.302, i can config, restart MyCloud but when restore System only, Blue LED blinking.

And then, i try up to 2.30.165 by Safe mode recovery: it’s ok!
I make some scan and test: (just Quick Test, not Full Test)

  • Disk is OK.
    - Driver: Fault.
    I restart, and then Blue LED Blinking again!

Is it failed on Hardware or Firmware?

I’ve tested many, many, many time. well,… !

Can you give me an advice, hihi!

Yes I know that. The board posting code changed it to a “1” because I only quoted the one line and not the others preceding it. Question remains, did you reformat the drive or not?

If you have not reformatted the drive when unbricking then there is a good chance that portions of the OLD firmware, and any modifications you made to it, may remain which may be causing the blinking blue LED.

As a troubleshooting step you should copy the user files off that drive to some other drive. Then unbricked the drive using the reformatting option during the unbrick procedure. That should ensure a clean version of the firmware gets installed.

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Dear @Bennor,

As @Fox_exe guide, I’ve formated command of the Partition FW, not formated disk. My data is still available on MyCloud.

As you remain, i can do some:

  • Try to recovery MyCloud for working again.
  • When it worked, try to move data to another disk to backup.
  • I don’t know how to do your remain:

Is it… Quick restore on Setting or… some command in SSH or Telnet!? So if it is some command, can you show me?

I don’t know: if i Quick restore MyCloud, so MyCloud can be a clean version of FW gets installed?

Thanks for you supporting me, @Bennor !

If you want to reformat the hard drive during the unbrick procedure, Fox_exe’s directions explain how to do so. See Step 5 of the directions.

The problem with running a Quick Restore or Full Restore from the My Cloud Dashboard is the Firmware may not be overwritten if it is corrupted or altered by previously installed unofficial mods or apps. Generally a complete deletion, rebuild and format of the partitions on the My Cloud hard drive is the way to insure the firmware is completely replaced.

Generally this is how the Dashboard explains what a Quick Restore and Full Restore does:

Quick Restore erases content and system info but can be recovered with recovery software;

Full Restore permanently deletes all content and system info, and cannot be recovered. Be sure to create a backup prior to using any restore option.

If you do not know how to delete a partition or find the partitions using Telnet or SSH, perform an internet search to learn how to do so. You may have to delete the partitions first before repartitioning and formatting them.

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@Bennor, can you do it by Telnet / SSH command !?
Maybe, can you guide me how to do these command for re-partition and install FW original for MyCloud?
And, if i do command, is it no need remove HDD from WDMC, right?

Thank you so much, @Bennor.

Dear @Bennor and WD Community,

Now MyCloud stay at 2.10.310 and work again.
I start run Full Test for him, just started at 20:10pm (GMT+7).
I stop run these apps: WDSleepFix, WDCrack, UtilsUpdate, UtilsUpdate-extras, Transmission.
WDSleepFix is last app that i stop, just stop at moment. When stop WDSleepFix, all kind of my capacity have… online (before that, it’s just… blue color for all of my capacity).
DLNA Media Server can not show kind of Media on MyCloud (i did Rescan and Rebuild already).

I scared that: if i reboot / update / system only restore for MyCloud, maybe it’ll come back Blue LED blinking.

Now what can i do next, can you give me some advice?
I have do something like that, on my mind:

  • Check full test. (on board)
  • Backup my file to another HDD, use FTP connect.
  • System only restore: to back original FW with no app.
  • After that, the end step: update newest FW if i still working after System Only Restore and Clear all app.

Thanks for supporting me, @Bennor and WD Community.