Firmware KILLED ME!

Please help me. I think I gonna die… :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

How can I recover my files in MyCloud using OnTrack EasyRecovery Pro 11?

Should I unbrick it, extract the HDD and connect it (SATA) to PC? or

Should I connect MyCloud to PC via LAN and do the recovery?

And if I recover the files, does MyCloud still usable?

If you have tutorial on How to Recover Files from MyCloud, please let me know and tell me the instructions. Save me guys!

This is my first topic about my concern.

I even raised this concern in WD Support and they said the files were corrupted. They gave me this EasyRecovery 11.

Just one question I really want to know.

  • Is it possible that if I recover corrupted files from HDD using Windows 10, the MyCloud is still usable. Just say Yes or No and why. Please!

WD Support gave you this software? Really?

If so I’d ask the WD Support how to use it or read the FM.

As far as I know this software can recover deleted data and formatted hard drives.
I don’t think that it can really heal corrupted files.

a) we’re not WD Support. We’re users, like you.

b) we can have no idea if your hard drive merely has a corrupted operating system or file system, or is physically damaged. If it’s just the operating system, and you manage to recover the data, using either the tool you’ve been given, or using the method in the link I posted above, then you may be able to recover the MyCloud using one of the ‘unbrick’ or ‘debrick’ procedures; search the forum for these terms.

The chances are that pulling the power whilst it was trying to upgrade the firmware has left the operating system in a corrupt state.

@Joshua_Merino I suggest you look at this, or do a Google search to find out more about On Track.

Use R-Studio (Recovery Studio) or any other soft with “ext4 file system” support (Linux file systems).
Disassemble WDMC, extract HDD, connect to PC and run recovery software.

But another solution - try to “Unbrick” device: More info here (WDMC Gen1 or Gen2)

Hi, I have the same problem after installing the latest firmware. Any thoughts how to re-install the firmware or run more comprehensive diagnostic? I’ve read that it is possible to boot the device using USB stick. Any recommendations how to return it to life? Thank you!


I read your case, and our agent never said your data was corrupted, he said “IF” it is corrupted. Secondly, he never said anything about a data recovery software. He said that you would need to contact one of our data recovery partners.

If the drive has failed in your device, you will need to go to a data recovery company to recover your data. If this is the case, then no, your drive is not still usable.


Before you follow Bill_S advice about recovery services, I’d simply try popping the HDD from the case, installing Paragon’s ExtFS, and see if the data partition is intact. Given what you have said, my guess is still that the OS is corrupt, but the HDD is probably working, and your data probably still intact.

The Paragon software is free on trial. It will cost you nothing to see if your data is accessible via a working ext4 file system.

If Paragon is unable to see the drive, then start to think about paying lots of money for data recovery services, if the data is that important to you. And, thereafter, learn to use backups for important data.

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Yes! that is what I experienced. How can I recover the corrupt OS?

As I said earlier, search the forum for guides to ‘unbricking’ or ‘debricking’.

Can this be my instruction?

What version My Cloud do you have? Is it a single bay/single drive My Cloud? Is it a first gen or second gen version?

If you don’t know what version you have then check the bottom of the My Cloud enclosure (if single bay/single drive) for the P/N number. If it ends in -00 it is a first gen v3.x/v4.x My Cloud, if it ends in -10 then its a second gen v2.x My Cloud.

Once armed with the version either first gen v4.x or second gen v2.x version you can then search the subforum for the correct unbrick process. The unbrick process (and files needed) for the first gen are DIFFERENT than those used for the second gen.

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It ends -00 means v4.x. . And I found this. It’s yours :joy:


I think the E: drive is the OS location. I recently download the firmware (v04.x) and Ubuntu 14.04.5 x64. Can I touch the firmware only without harming the user datas and files? Like installing Windows, using flashdrive or CD, you need to make space for OS and that’s it. Is it same as putting OS in MyCloud?

Not sure its possible, may want to use the forum search feature to see if there are any past discussions on replacing JUST the firmware. Typically people just use the unbrick procedure on the gen 1 units which often results in reformatting/repartitioning of the My Cloud hard drive.

Typically what one would do is use Linux (or a Linux driver in Windows) to copy the data from the Data partition on the My Cloud to another hard drive. Then run one of the various first gen v3.x/v4.x unbrick procedures. Then copy the data back to the My Cloud. Down side is one would need to have enough space on a hard drive to copy the data from the My Cloud.

Up side is you then have a device big enough to use as a backup device when you’ve repaired the MyCloud. Like there should have been in the first place…

Yes that too. :smiley:

Hang on… What are you intending to do with Ubuntu? Not hoping to install it on the MyCloud, I hope? (clue: MyCloud is not a generic Linux box). Or is that what you are running on your PC to access the MyCloud HDD?