Txt files reading problem


I have noticed my TV Samsung has problems with reading txt subtitles from the My Cloud disk. There is no issue if I connect the USB stick with the film directly to TV. It works perfectly then and subtitles are visible on the screen.

Do you know if there is any solution ?

Moreover I saw few times after upload of big portion of data on Public Share it is not refreshed and not visible on TV long time

Thanks for advices


The Samsung TV subtitle not working properly issue with the My Cloud Twonky DLNA media server comes up from time to time. With no real workaround since the problem appears to be with the DLNA client within certain Samsung TVs, as other DLNA clients can display subtitle (srt) files properly. Some thing to check is to ensure the subtitle file is properly formatted, sometimes they are not if pulled from some locations on internet. Make sure the subtitle file (.srt) has the exact same name as the movie file it goes with.

The reason why it works when you connect and use a USB media device is because of the way the Samsung TV is accessing the USB device (not using DLNA).

Here are some past discussions on certain Samsung TV’s and the inability to properly play subtitle files.

Thanks so much. It seems that it can be DLNA problem. Usually I’m using
*.txt subtitles and *.srt rather rarely.
In the past it worked better as I remember but maybe after soem WD upgrade
it has broken…



I have no problems playing SRT subtitle files via a DLNA client (a Roku) from the My Cloud. Don’t recall if Twonky on the my Cloud (ever) supported subtitle files in “.txt” format.

I watched few films in the past with tht and Im pretty sure it worked …

BTW can you tell more how/what to do to have “Roku” on WD ?

Thanks Jacek

The Roku is a low cost device to stream internet (and local network) media (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.) to one’s TV. Typically people use the Roku Media Player channel (free from the Roku Channel Store) or they use the Plex channel (also from the Roku Channel Store) to stream content from a Plex Media Server. One can stream content (movies, including STR subtitle files, photos, music) to their TV from the My Cloud via DLNA using the Roku Media Player.


There are other devices that perform a similar function and which will stream media content from the My Cloud but which may have more features compared to the Roku, those include Apple TV, Android boxes (like Amazon’s Fire TV/Stick), and other similar devices.