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I’ve an WD my cloud 2TB connected with a WD TV Live, and connected to TV samsung ( Not smart tv, just connected with HDMI Cable )  this one, i don’t know if is the 2nd or 3rd generation.


When I make streaming of movies , that are in the Cloud, the subtitles don’t appears. But if I connect a USB disk on the Cloud device with a movie , the str file is recognized and subltiles add to the movie. For now the solution join the video file and the srt file with the program mkvmerge.

But if I tried to make the streaming with an android phone the srt file is recognized.

So, resuming, the cloud himself don’t recognize the srt file, but a usb disk plugged on the WD cloud recognize the srt.?

Any solution for his ?

Many thanks

That’s the 1st generation.

Access your cloud via Network Shares instead of Media Server.

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Hi, may thanks for the feedback TopyPh12354

However when I press that option “Network Shares”, nothing appens., no menu appear, no folders, nothinsg…Shoud I activate any feature on the Cloud? On the user interface menu, or Twonky server?

All the sharing options are enable but don’t works…any advise please…:slight_smile:

Many thanks;


Make sure they’re in the same workgroup.

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