Twonky 8.2.0 on MyCloud?

Is there any hope of getting Twonky 8.2.0 (the latest version) on MyCloud? Either through a firmware update or by a manual update?

Twonky 8 does subtitles. Twonky 7 does not. That is my one sticking point with Twonky.

No problems with SRT subtitle files with Twonky (Version: 7.2.9-6) on the My Cloud I use. Or are you talking about embedded subtitle tracks in the media file?

I am talking external SRT files. So that is one movie file and one .srt file with the same name as the movie file.

I’m not sure how they work for you.

If I use one of my TVs which does support DLNA, then the subtitle works. But that is by using the TV’s browser to go into the network share and play the media file. So that is because the TV supports SRT files.

If I use the tv to connect to the Twonky media server, then SRT does not work. Wonder how it works for you?

Sounds like the TV’s DLNA client software/app doesn’t support SRT files. What is the brand or model of the TV? Samsung by chance?

Using a Roku 2 XS with the channel Roku Media Player, which connects via DLNA to the My CLoud, I have no problems playing SRT files. Same goes with Bubble UPnP/MX Player on my Android phone.

Ok. So I have one Samsung TV which displays the external srt files perfectly. No issues there.

I also have a “dumb” Toshiba TV that is hooked up to a WD TV (2nd gen). The WDTV is hooked up to the network.

When I browse the WDTV, I have the option of looking at Network Shares or Media Servers.

Network Shares work and show the external subtitles, but sometimes the video files are so high in bitrate that the image freezes (I guess the data can’t come through fast enough).

Choosing “Media Servers” plays fine (I guess because Twonky is transcoding now) but there are no external subtitles.

You have a TV that supports a network file server browser? That’s unusual. What model is it?

Have you checked the TV’s manual to see if it supports .SRT files?

Yes. Its a Samsung LN40D55. It supports Allshare.

Wondering why the Samsung can show .srt files, but the WDTV (connected to the Toshiba) cannot.

Well, the WDTV manual claims to support SRT files. It also says it can access SMB servers, so maybe you could try connecting to the MyCloud via SMB, rather than DLNA?

I note that there is a default subtitle enable setting.

What version firmware are you running on the MyCloud?