Two hard drive failures in a row?

I own a WD My Cloud EX2 with 2x 2TB WD Red drives. Only bought it about 2-3 months ago. After about 6 weeks, the 2nd drive displayed a solid red LED and the logs showed first a ‘power failure’ then a ‘SMART failure.’
Assuming that the hard drive had failed and not wanting to bother with a warranty claim, I bought myself a second WD red hard drive and replaced it as instructed.
The drive still showed a red LED; it was brand new.

I contacted my local reseller and sent it back to them, but they sent it promptly back saying that there was no fault found.
Plugging it back into my wall socket and router though, the same two drives are showing SMART failure.

What is going on? Is it my router, the drives, the internal hardware, the firmware?

Hello there,

Try to diagnose the drive to see if it shows that there is any issues with the drives. I highly doubt its the router that is causing this.